School Uniform

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Murchison Area School Uniform


Parents please note that this uniform is intended to give unity to our school; we aim for our children to be well presented, warm and comfortable but also for our parents to find the uniform practical and affordable. The only item of clothing within the uniform that MUST have a logo is our fleece or hoodie, otherwise we give you the freedom of choice of retailer, however we ask that you are consistent with the colours chosen by the school for each clothing item as they are considered smart uniform items.

We ask that students wear no visible makeup and that Jewellery be kept to a minimum; one watch, one small stud or sleeper in each ear, medic alert bracelet or pendant, one pendant with personal meaning may be worn but it must be worn inside clothing.

Junior Students Year 1 - 6

Senior Students Year 7 - 13

Junior Students: Yrs 1-6            -           Senior Students: Yrs 7-13