Murchison Area School Staff & Board


Chairperson: Heather Kinzett.

Parent Reps: Jo Joice, Jon Nicholls, Angela Fitzpatrick, Alexia Papahadjis.

Staff Rep: Kirsten Allison.

Student Rep:  Michael Penman.

Principal: Andy Ashworth.

Board Secretary: Lynette Hunter.

STAFF 2017

Principal: Mr Andy Ashworth

Deputy Principal:  Mrs Sarah Peacock

Assistant Principal: Mr Mario Williams


Secondary Teachers

Mrs Lesley Ashworth -SENCO-

Mrs Wendy Thomason – E-Learning, Foods, Textiles, Junior Science,

Mrs Linda Moser – English

Mr Maurice Marquet – Mathematics,

Miss Lisa Holstein – Science

Miss Amy Stewart – Mathematics

Miss Melissa Waite – PE, Health, Social Science

Primary Teachers

Mrs Susaan Proctor – Year 1,

Mrs Lynley Bensemann – Year 2-3,

Miss Kirsten Allison – Year 3-4,

Miss Carina Steinmann – Year 4-5

Mrs Rachael Jones – Year 6-7,

Mr Maurice Marquet – Year 7-8,

Miss Sandra Quiggin- Classroom release teacher

Non-Teaching Staff

Excutive Officer: Lynette Hunter

Office Administrator: Kathryn Mason

Office Assistant: Sandy Brown

Library Assistant: Lois Kinzett

Sports Co-ordinator: Dyan Blick

Counsellor: Mrs Melinda Bradshaw

Caretaker: Hammer Wilson

Groundsman: Mr Chris Parkinson

Teacher Aides: Tessa Whitnall, Sara Flintoft, Jacqui Bowe


Parent Information

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Our uniform is only available from THE WAREHOUSE in Richmond.