About Murchison

Welcome to Murchison, South Island, New Zealand - a place of rest and refreshment! Murchison is situated on the Four Rivers Plain - the place where the Matiri, the Matakitaki, the Mangles and the Buller (Kawatiri) rivers meet. For centuries people have been stopping here on their way through, as a place to stop and refresh themselves.

School Values

Our aim for our students
is that they will be:





Murchison Area School Home

Principal’s Message:

At Murchison Area School we are committed to providing the very best education that we can for our students in a caring environment. Pastoral care at our school is paramount to enabling students to develop academically, physically, socially and personally. We place a high value on the 3 A’s:

  • Attitude
  • Application
  • Achievement

The school recognises the unique nature of our area in terms of life style, tourism and friendliness. We are able to offer a variety of learning opportunities which cater for the needs of all students from Year 0 to Year 13. Secondary students have the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects via Distance Learning (including video conferencing). The school also works with the local community to place students in work experience. We are proud of the achievements of our young people. Murchison students can stand tall when they leave our school, knowing that they have been given every opportunity to succeed.

Tina Johnson


NOTE:  Any person in a paid or voluntary role in the school can expect to be police vetted.